We are very glad to present to you our new rango of fast food aromas for nebulization. We have always aimed to be at the forefront of new trends of air freshener market and to offer innovative products to our customers, that is the reason we have now developed new aromas known as fast food aromas like pizza, bread,pop corn,chicken or lasagna.

There is no better way to make a shop or boutique pleasant for customers that providing a testy aroma reminding that food you want to eat when you are absolutely hungry. As we are specialist developing new aromas for nebulization diffusion machines we have recently launched our new range of fast food aromas, this is a customized solution for places like bakeries,boutiques,pizza shops and fast food centers that want to enhance their product visibility with an aroma provoking nice sensations in customers.

Freshly baked bread aroma is one of developments we are more proud about, there is no more satisfiying sensation that smelling fresh baked bread when you enter a bakery to buy bread and this wondeful aroma reach your nose, this is really something that makes the difference, freshly baked bread aroma is a characteristic and inmistakable aroma ideal for bakeries and bread bussines.

Waching a film on the cinema is not really the same if we don’t fell typical aroma of pop corn around us, but know we have a real solution for that. With our powerful nebulization difussion machines every cinema room could be blessed by this popular aroma, liquid scents for nebulization allows and intense an long term permanence of odors in large areas like a cinema room is, we are really happy that people can enjoy pop corn taste even they are not eating it when waching an exciting film.

Pizza shops are becoming more and more popular, in consecuense we were force to develop an appropiated aroma for this facilities. Felling the real italian aroma of pizza when having a break to have lunch is something more than simple eating, it is as if we are traveling to those wonderful bar terrace in Rome or Venice, thanks to our adapted difussion machines you can make your customers enjoy this aroma as an unique experience.

Our extended collection of fast food aromas makes available for you many options to give to your restaurant,pub,shop or any other facility the scent you need to reach your custome heart and make a difference from your competitors. As expert manufacturers of nebulization aromas we want to help you in this culinary avdenture with our new fast food aromas.

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