Envasados y fabricados Marofran

Envasados y Fabricados Marofran is a chemical industry with an  operative plant located in Zuera, Zaragoza. This company founded in 1968 is dedicated to manufacturing and packing of products for olfactive marketing, air fresheners, cosmetic, detergents, food industry, pest control and cattle hygiene products. We have became over time off of leader companies in the industry.



Our production plant is equipped with latest technology in production,packing, warehouse and Quality Control areas.

We rely on our:

  • Own laboratories.
  • White room designated for manufacturing of cosmetic products.
  • Aerosol filling production Lines.
  • Filling Lines for liquids and gel . 
  • Logistic warehouse and warehouse service of dangerous goods for third parties including picking service 


Marofran Group

Marofran Group is a reference international company with more than 50 years in olfactive product market offering an optimal customer service thanks to our capacity for manufacturing of specific and added value products

To achieve this goal Marofran has implemented and Integrated system of Quality Control as well as environmental and good practice guide according to most exigent rules and regulations to guarantee security and quality all over production and marketing process.

Marofran Group has renewed facilities in 10.000 m2 area in order to comply wit all European environmental regulations.


know how

Our experience is a guarantee. Since 1968 Envasados y Fabricados Marofran offers good quality chemical products.


We rely on our skilled staff. 

Continuous improvement

We work every day to update our production process to latest technologies and improvements. 

Specialized Products

La flexibility and continuous investigation of market needing allow us to agile in developing and launching of innovative products.

Advanced manufacturing

We adapt to most competitive industrial solutions to achieve maximum efficiency of our sources and row materials.


Passionate soul

Satisfaction of thousands of our customers who rely on Marofran Group make us to be more implicated and effort ourselves to achieve best results every day.


Since our beginning we work to create sustainable and eco-friendly products.


We are member of

Asociación Española de Aerosoles, is a non profit association who groups several sectors of aerosol industry in Spain.

Worldwide Leader Association for hygiene industry, through strength of their global community change the way people understand the hygiene.